Catfishing Your Mom

A while back, you caught your mom on one of those alt-dating sites, for BDSM relationships. You quickly knew what you had to do: make a profile, and make her fall for you. You’ve wanted to fuck your mother for a long, long time…its all you think about. When you masturbate, when you fuck your girlfriend, every time you see your mother all you want is to bend her over and make her yours. So, you let opportunity in the front door when it knocked…and it worked. Your mother fell for it! So you arranged a meet up. You’d been training her on how to deep throat – amazing how receptive she was to buying a toy, practicing, learning to equate deepthroat with pleasure by making herself cum while gagging – all of it. She did everything you – err, well, Mr. Black – told her to do. When the day comes, she does just as she’s instructed, going to an abandoned apartment building near your house and entering. Wearing just a little lace leotard with a snap crotch, she finds the leash and collar you left, puts it on and goes to kneel in slave position in the closet. When you appear before her, she FREAKS out. You stand in the doorway, barring her exit as she panics. You smile, telling her the truth as she demands you let her go. When it finally sets in that you were the one grooming her to be a sex slave, she relents, bending over to show you butt plug you told her to wear. You tell her to get to work on what you practiced, and she reluctantly takes you cock deep into her throat, gagging and tearing up as she takes you deeper, and deeper. Holding you in her throat, making her slime all over your cock. What a messy whore your mother is! You know she’s getting wet, that’s what you trained her to do… and a wet cunt has one use: fucking. You make her bend over as you slide inside, making her work her pussy onto her own son’s cock as she admits how much she loves it. Tsk tsk. All women are whores, when you train them right. Even your own mother. You get her on her knees, making her beg for cum until you shoot all over her face, coating her in a thick, heavy load you saved just for her.

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