Charlee Chase – Moms Best Friend Part 2

The young young boy just got dumped by his girlfriend, lucky for him his mom’s best friend stopped by and decided to listen to him pour his heart out. She tries to tell the boy that he will date many women in his life and she’s just the first of many, he just needs to get back on the horse. Well, he figures since she’s the one who showed him how to jerk himself off properly that maybe she would do it again to help build up his confidence. His mom is on her way home so she is reluctant to do it but she finally gives in.

She starts to jerk off the young heart broken boy and he soon starts to feel like himself again, the only problem is that he has used up all of his lube so the handjob is rather dry. Being the experienced MILF she is, Charlee knows how to make the young stiff cock nice and wet. She offers to give the boy his first blowjob! The young adolescent boy is in pure ecstasy as she puts her talented mouth to work on his young shaft. She works him with her mouth and hand like she has done so many times before on other men. The young boy just can’t take it any more and she tells him to shoot his load right in her mouth. He unloads a big hot wad of jizz right in her mouth, she continues to suck and jerk as the boy spasms out of control. After she drains the boys cock completely she quickly runs off to wash her face and rinse her mouth before the boys mom comes home.


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