Chloeblossom – A Mommy Method for Sons Bullies

Hey son! Sorry to wake you up but I just HAVE great news to tell you! I am just so excited. Remember your three bullies? Mommy took care of ALL of them and none of them will ever bother you again. How did I do it? Aw, you are so naughty, I am not sure if I should tell you! Well, okay, if you insist. I know you love my stories! I made a deal with all three of them. Your first bully, that one calls you names all the time? Mommy came to his place and his cock was raging in his jeans already, so I took him to the couch and I sat on his face and made him eat me out, let me show you on this pillow here. I told him I was going to make a deal with him that he had to leave my son alone and I would come and help his cock out every week. I held his arms down like this and I rode his face, he was begging for me to let him cum. I wanted to have my fun though! I came all over his face like this and I stroked his cock twice and he exploded in my hand. Then I got up and I left him there! Cum all over his pants and my pussy juices all over his face. The next day… Okay, that second bully, the one who is always taking your lunch money? Well here is some money! And THIS is just the start of it, he is going to pay every week for mommy to do that thing you love with my tongue. He was tricky to deal with but you know mommy, she has her ways. Let me show you on this dildo how I sucked his cock son. Your cock is so much better though, stroke your cock while I show you how I sucked him son. Now, that third bully, he was even more difficult, you know the one who likes to hit you? He was hard to even convince to meet me, but I get it now, cause he REALLY likes me son. I gave him a quick hand Job, like this, I promised him more. Stroke your cock to the same rhythm as me son. I told him if he left my son alone we could elevate our courtship. He’s such a fucking idiot to think he will date me! I gave him a nice hand job like this, he told me it was the best hand job of his life! And…then when he was about to cum, I left him there!! I said I had to go, I got dressed. Hehe, mommy is so mean. I would NEVER do such a thing to you, son. I know you are ready to burst right now though, let mommy take care of you. Mommy wants to suck your gorgeous cock and have you cum in my mouth. Let me suck that cock and fill this tiny mouth up. I love your cock SO much!

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