Chloeblossom – Mom Son Chess Affair

You find your mom in her favourite hobby room, you are surprised she is home as she said she was going out. She is dressed up in a dress and heels, she tells you how dad cancelled their date but is still home. You tell her you have been having issues with your girlfriend lately. She says how dad and her had been fighting and now this. She asks what you are up to and if you want to play chess. During the game she accidentally knocks a piece and looks for it, you hide it as she crawls around and you notice her juicy pussy and ass with no panties. You tease her and she says you should be helping! You are getting more and more aroused, you ask if she and you can fuck as it has been a few weeks. She says no, your dad is home, you keep pleading and she says no. You grab her by the thighs and begin eating her pussy, she loves it and is moaning, but pushes you back. You tell her you two can be quiet and you grab her by the thighs again, eating her pussy. Finally, she gives in but is really concerned dad is home and he doesn’t even know you are home either. She fucks you on top, then blurts out how she wants you to fill her pussy and breed her. Shocked, and excited, you tell her you are glad she said that as you would love to impregnate her. Throughout fucking she tells you to be quiet, she is still worried on being caught by dad. Then he is texting her asking her where she is. She ignores his text and keeps fucking you. You fill her pussy full of your warm cum and she asks how will she get cleaned up since dad doesn’t know you are there and she can’t explain why she is full of cum.

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