Chloeblossom – The Fertility Statue

Mom asks to crawl into bed with you after a big fight with dad, she reveals to you they have been trying to conceive with no luck. Your dad orders a weird fertility statue for your mom and it doesn’t work, you overhear her yelling at dad and she is upset again. She asks to nap in your bed again. After a short bit, she becomes entranced with you. She shoves you down and begins aggressively kissing you. You fuck cowgirl and missionary. With lots of impregnation, cucking dad and praising you dirty talk. She is OBSESSED with you. After she cums twice on your cock, you fill her womb up with cum, then dad walks in! She begins yelling at him how much of a loser he is with his shrimp useless dick and how from now on you, the son are the man of the house. How dad is never going to have pussy ever again and can only be let out of a room to watch you and mom fuck. She says she wants a divorce and she is moving you the son into the main bedroom. She says how the fertility statue was CLEARLY in the wrong room before. You begin fucking again in the main bedroom cowgirl and doggy, you fill her up the same time she cums.

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