Closer than most mothers and sons

Rachel and her son Michael are sexually involved and have been for 3 years. Watch as they make a sex video just for you. Their passion is real, no acting, no faking

Rachel speaks directly at the camera and tells how she and her son have a very close relationship, closer than most mothers and sons. She then has her “Son” join her on the bed and he fingers her pussy and then licks her pussy, later after a few passionate kisses she leans back as he rubs his dick up and down her pussy then finally sticks his dick in her BAREBACK (No condom is used) He fucks her missionary style then doggy then she gets on top and rides her son. They switch back to him on top and she can feel him about to shot his load she bages for his cum. He pulls his dick out of her and shots his load of cum from her pussy to her face and also her stomach and tits.


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