Clover Baltimore – Showering With My Friends Hot Mom

So ive been staying at my friends Jason’s house all week since my parents are out of town. Jason’s mom Mrs Baltimore or clover as she prefers i call her is like a second mom to me, Mr Baltimore is also out of town on a business trip. when i dropped my bags in Jason’s room he told me that his bathroom shower was busted and we all had to use the shower in his moms room. well the next morning Jason had to leave for school early so i took my time getting up then headed to Mrs B’s bathroom for a shower. when i got into the bathroom clover was already in there, she said she had to shower too or she would be late for work but she didn’t want me to be late for school either. she told me to shower really fast and she would get in after me, she reminded me not use all the hot water and then she left the bathroom. when i was in the shower a few minutes later Mrs Baltimore came back into the bathroom, i got a Little scared since the shower door was see through. she said i was taking to long and she was just gonna join me so she wasn’t late for work. so i showered with my friends hot mom and then i went to school. well that was yesterday and seeing Clover all wet and naked was all i could think about. so today when i got up i noticed Jason was already gone so once again i took my time before i went to shower in hopes i would get lucky! when i walked into the bathroom clover was wrapped in a towel, she got a little irritated with me but just told me to try and hurry up in the shower and then she would get in after me. once again i took my time and sure enough Mrs Baltimore came rushing in saying i was taking to long, she dropped her towel and jumped in with me! while we were both busy soaping up and making some awkward small talk my dick got hard and was brushing up against her ass over and over again. finally she said something about it and i said i was sorry and that i normally take care of my morning wood during my morning shower. well she told me to try and just get through it today, i told her i didn’t know if that would work since it was hard for me to focus in school if i don’t get my morning release. then she said something that blew me away, she told me to just hurry up and jerk off while she finished her shower. i told her that felt to weird to jerk off in front of my friends mom, she laughed and finally just said she needed to shower and i needed to cum, with that she grabbed some soap and started jerking me off!

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