Clubdinasky – Friend’s Hot Goth Mom

I am your friend’s Hot Goth Mom, that you’ve known for years being best friends with my son your always around. You come by because you, my son, and few of your friends are all going out but my son stepped out to get your other friend leaving perfect opportunity for the unexpected to happen…. Bent over in my purposely super short plaid skirt I act startled but make some small talk with you. You don’t know that I actually overheard you and my son having a conversation the other day about how girls your age are so clueless about sex, how my sons girlfriend cheated on him, and how much better older woman must be in the bedroom. I start coming onto you with implementing the idea of how a hot goth mom like me would be exactly what you need to experience. Your mind is racing with thoughts, you are attracted to me, I mean who wouldn’t want to have hot sex with a milf who’s hardcore into heavy metal, dresses like I do, and most definitely must be amazing at sex- ultimate fantasy right there. I am going to give you that, see us older woman know exactly what we want, and we know how to get it, and I can promise you this you’ll be wanting to come back for more…in fact I’ll set the standard so high you won’t be able to get me out of your mind. With a hard on, I think its time for me to show you that. I show off my body, before I take your cock out and start sucking it, Im bit aggressive but confident, sucking you deep, working my wet dirty mouth, squeezing my big tits, and giving you that fuck me eye contact that your already feeling your cock ache more than it ever has. After sucking you I tease you a bit with my big tits, talking dirty, and stripping those red panties off to climb on top of your hard cock sliding you in, it feels so good taking your cock right inside of my tight wet pussy I bounce up and down on it, I haven’t had sex in awhile so I hope your going hold out on me, and not cum till I tell you too. It feels so good, I am working your cock so fucking hard that you get keep your eyes off that bouncing ass and just want to blow a big load, I turn around a bounce those big tits in your face, got give you the full experience let you have everything…..including my ass. I bet ya never fucked a girl in her ass have you ? Well I am going to do just that, I am going to slide your nice cock deep into my ass and bounce all over it, push you in and working it, until you make me drip all over the place, and I tell you, demand you to give me that hot load you’ve been holding in those balls. I take you cock out of my ass and get on my knees and tell you to give it to me, give me that cum. Cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it all and show it off to you, sucking you dry and filling up my mouth and letting it cover my mouth, dripping down my chin, and some all over my tits, but that’s okay I can clean it up before my concert. So your definitely coming back for more and keeping this a secret?

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