Coco Vandi Helena Price – Seducing My Two Hot Moms Complete Series

A couple of years ago my mom Helena and dad divorced, my dad married my stepmom Coco not long after. i love both my moms but my dad works a lot so we dont get to spend much time together. this weekend im suppose to go to my dads but as usual hes on a business trip so its just gonna be me and coco. my mom Helena walked into the kitchen to make sure i was all packed, i told her i was almost ready. she told me to have a great weekend, she said she was gonna go take a shower but to poke my head in and say goodbye before i left. i walked into my moms room and into her bathroom to say goodbye but when i looked in i froze. mom had the shower door open enough for me to see in, she didn’t see me so i backed out and watched from around the door, i never knew my mom looked so good naked! i watched for a few minutes then knocked on the door and called out to her, she yelled goodbye and i went to my dads place. my stepmom coco answered the door and we made some small talk in the living room and she said she had been working all day and was gonna lay down for a nap. she told me to watch TV and relax and just come into the room and wake her up if i needed anything. i waited a few minutes and decided to be a perv. i want to her door and cracked it open and boy was i rewarded for it! i watch my sexy stepmom strip her clothes of and get naked in front of her mirror, i never knew she was that hot either! i think im gonna have to fuck both of my moms!

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