Cory Chase in Mommy Says Shut Up And Fuck Me

Scene One: Bathroom Quickie
Mom pulls back after kissing you. You are in the bathroom at a party. Mom, wearing a nice dress says, “Are we going to do this or not?” Mom Yanks her panties down around her ankles and turns around and bends over the toilet. You move in close and Mom says, “Fuck me up the ass and make it quick goddamnit!” You stick your penis in Moms ass while she grunts. After literally a couple of minutes you both cum. You kiss, as Mom pulls up her panties and leave.

Scene Two: Only With Mommy
Mom tells you that you cannot have sex with your other teachers. Just beacuse you have sex with Mom, you must only have sex with her. Mom then bends over and reminds you why you can only fuck her. Mom becomes very red-faced and sweaty. She grunts with every thrust you make. Mom hisses, “Harder, harder goddamnit. Make it hurt! More, more!” You fuck mom for about a minute or two as she arches her back and chokes back a cry when she comes and collapses on the desk.

Scene Three: Fuck Mommy Harder
Mom is naked; on a bed, legs hanging off the edge. You are looking down having sex with Mom. She says fuck you, fuck me harder. Mom is impatient and even bitchy. She tells you to fuck her, use her, make her your whore, etc.. You Cum in Mom and she smiles and says “That’s how I want to be fucked.”

Scene Four: That is How Mommy Likes to be Fucked
Mom is naked in bed, bouncing up and down, having sex with you cowgirl style. Mom is smiling and playing with her boobs. She says, “That’s it, that’s how I like to be fucked!” Mom starts playing with her clit, “I love you so much, I love your cock, I’m going to come” Mom falls forward supporting herself with her forearms. Mom stays in that position for a couple of seconds, get out of bed kisses your forehead and says, “I love you sweetie, now that’s how Mommy likes being fucked.”

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Download Cory Chase - Mommy Says Shut up and Fuck Me.mp4