Cory Chase – Late night with mom

Mom walks in wearing her hot lingerie she wore the other night and you are still hard from the dream of your sister. Your cock only grows more stiff and Mom comes to the bed and places her hand on your leg. Mom asks if there is anything she can do and then yanks the covers off your bed…She reveals the large boner poking through your boxers…Cory says she will take care of that for a couple of minutes. Mom tells you to relax and she will take care of your erection in no time…She jerks the shaft and cups your balls…She glances around for some lube but does not see any…Guess she has no other choice as she drops her head between your legs and you feel her warm wet mouth around your cock…Her tongue works wonders on the tip of your cock…Mom feels you are about to cum and she works the cock harder and harder…Bobbing, sucking and deep throating you. Your balls tighten as you empty a huge load down Mom’s throat…You moan loudly and thrust your legs up…The load is so massive a bit drips from Mom’s gorgeous lips.


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