Cory Chase – Mom Succumbs to Sextortion

Cory Chase – Better than blackmail and Two sons two loads

Scene One: Better than blackmail
Cory is doing chores, unloading the dishwasher, when her son walks in to show her pictures sent from his friend. Cory gasps looking at pictures of her posing naked. That little dick! She screams. What do you want She asks her son. With that he grabs his mom’s large breasts and plays with them. Shocked Cory pulls away trying to fight her son’s groping hands. You walk in to find the plan has worked perfectly. Now your mom is going to have to suck your cock too. You boys need to stop She pleads desperately. Cory gets to the floor and looks up in horror at having to stroke and suck the two big cocks in front of her. That’s a good mom, you know you enjoy it He tells her as she gags on dick. Your brother shoots his load into his mom’s mouth and holds her gasping and swallowing. Then she finishes you off and you hold her mouth closed watching the humiliating cum go down her throat. Are you happy? I swallowed both of you She cries.

Scene Two: Two sons two loads
Cory is on her bed sexting on the phone, sending hot naked photos, when her two boys walk in. What the hell are you doing! They yell at her. Cory covers up her body and tries to explain. We need to teach you a lesson, not to sext people He says. She has no choice but to do what her two perverted sons say. They make her get to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I can’t believe your making me do this! She says. He begins to thrust inside of her and Cory moans in horror. Don’t tell anyone about this She screams. With one son fucking her pussy the other uses her mouth. She just wants all of it to stop. She’s used like a sex doll by her two sons. Jerking one son she makes him shoot cum into her hands thankful that he’s done. But the other son goes back to fucking his helpless mom. Tired and shaking she’s forced to the floor to take his big load all over her mouth. She doesnt want to but she swallows his cum making her ashamed and feeling used. Please don’t tell your father She begs.


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Download file – 922.3 MB