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Son enters the kitchen while jerking off. Cory turns around and sees him, smiles and praises him for being a good son, getting ready to help mom every morning. She grabs his cock and starts jerking him off, and pulling him by his cock towards the breakfast table. She keeps telling him how much of a good son/boy he is, and how it is both beneficial for them. Cory starts to suck her son’s cock. She continues until she hears her husband coming down stairs. She gets up, drags her son by his cock into the first floor bathroom. She locks the door and goes back to sucking. She tells him to always remember this is between only two of them and other people wouldn’t understand. She keeps at it with encouraging, endearing dirty talk, until he blows his load inside her mouth. She swallows the load, sucks his cock to clean it and quietly exits the bathroom.
At night Cory enters her son’s room. She locks the door behind her, and tells her son that dad is taking a shower, and they have to hurry up. She jumps right down on her knees and starts sucking her son’s cock. She dirty talks to him and teases him about how much he seems to enjoy himself now. She takes off her clothes, and starts to rub his cock on her tits and then her pussy. She continues, hinting about letting him fuck her one of these days. She goes back to sucking him off, as she encourages him to feed her. He blows his load in her mouth, she swallows and goes on sucking. In between sucks, she tells him he should prepare himself for tomorrow as well, and that she’ll be waiting in her bathroom. She comes off his cock, kisses it endearingly and wishes him good night.


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