Cory Chase – Revenge of a son

Mom comes home wearing her summer dress. Earlier, Son breaks into the house and is waiting for her. Cory is reading a books walks into him and she is terrified. She asks shakily what he is doing there. He moving towards her smiles and says, “It’s my home and I live here.” Mom, backing up says that it isn’t his home anymore and court order forbids him to come around there, that he forced himself onto that girl at school and tried the same with his sister. He says he doesn’t care about any court order. He slaps in the face and pushes her to the floor. Mom tries to scream but he puts one hand over her mouth, he fondles her breasts with the other hand, she struggles and screams into his hand, still holding her down forcing her to suck his cock. He rips her panties off with one hand, he unzips his pants and pulls out his dick and starts screwing her. When he finishes, he lets go of his mother, she drops into a heap, he walks out.


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