Cory Chase – Seducing my sons best friend

You’ve come over to your best friends house only to find that he’s not there. His mom asks if you can help her with something, giggling and acting different. Do you find me attractive? She says softly. You sit in a stunned state as she leaves to change into something more comfortable.Cory comes back dressed in the tightest, hottest outfit you’ve ever seen. Biting her lip she runs her hands over her body. Do you like what you see? She asks. She unties her top and shows off her huge gorgeous breasts, then gets to her knees and pulls down your pants.

She looks deep into your eyes as she licks your dick, teasing you. Her warm mouth wraps around you and she sucks giving you the most incredible feeling of your life.Scene Two: Amazing MILFCory has you lay on the couch and snuggles between your legs. Her soft hands slide around your balls and shaft as she sucks you. She’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen and she’s worshiping your cock like it’s her job.Her lips smack as she sucks you up and down, taking you into her throat. You’re tensed and ready to cum as she moves to the floor and jerks you. When she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue telling you where she wants it, it makes you nearly pass out. Something comes over you and you orgasm all over her mouth. Looking at you with her dark eyes she puts your cum in her mouth and swallows you down. Maybe we’ll do this again later She tells you.


Download file – 123.3 MB
Download file – 123.3 MB