Cougar Next Door Makes You Cheat

You decided to move off campus this semester, and found a place with a couple other guys. Shortly after moving in, the next door neighbor approaches you, asking if you could help her with some yard work. The other guys smirk when you tell them, laughing as they tell you to have fun. Whatever, you think, you’re doing a good deed and besides, she’s kind of hot, in that cougar type of way. When you finish, she invites you inside, bringing you a cold glass of water. She starts to tell you how much she enjoys living in a college town, how much she enjoys all the help she gets from the boys…and how she’d like to thank you. “I don’t know if the boys told you about my massages…but I really like to show my gratitude…with my hands.” Is it just you, or is she being pretty suggestive? You don’t have to wonder about it for long, as she tells you that what she’d really like is to give you a nice handjob! You try to refuse, you have a girlfriend after all, but she just smiles. “Oh, I love the guys with girlfriends, and the religious ones too…so much more fun to tempt them…” You can’t believe what’s happening, but you quickly give in to her soft hands and her warm mouth, all while she tells you how much she enjoys sucking and fucking all the young college boys, how she loves making them cheat on their hot little boring young girlfriends…she’s a sex starved cougar, worshiping your cock and begging for your cum. You fill her pussy with a hot, thick load and watches as she lets it drip out, her wet pussy made messy as she fingers her snatch, eating your cum off her fingers as she pushes more and more cum out, fingering her asshole with your cum and tasting it with delight! You think you’re going to like this neighborhood…

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