Cum for Mommy – Afterschool Chores for Mom

Yes, sweetie, I’ll make dinner in a bit but first put your book bag down and come here. Remembe talking about how being a family means that not only do I take care of you but that you take care of mommy too? Mom worked hard all day so now you to help mommy relax and THEN I’ll make you dinner. You know, the special chore mommy’s been training you to do every day? No sweetie, no snacks until you’ve finished your chores first. That’s right, come over and get on your knees. Mommy’s pussy is already wet waiting for you to use your mouth on it. Keep licking like mom has trained you. Push your tongue in my pussy hole. In and out. No, we’re not done until mommy says we’re done. Keep licking mom is almost there… Mm, that was nice sweetie but now I want that little boy cock in my cunt. See, it’s hard and ready. Mom’s teaching is really paying off. Put it in like i showed you. Mm, yes, keep pumping. Pump your cock into your mom’s vagina. Don’t you dare cum yet, young man, mommy isn’t finished… And remember, this is our secret after school chore. You don’t talk about it to anyone or you would get in soooo much trouble.

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