Cum for Mommy – Trick or Treat

This was the first year I was allowed to go trick or treating with my friends all by myself. I’m a big boy now so my parents said it would be ok because Mr Matthews was with us. I don’t know how it happened but it was dark and I thought I was following Joey but then it wasn’t my friends and I couldn’t find them. I kept walking and looking for them but then I was lost and all by myself. I saw a house so I went there to get some candy and maybe someone could help me find my friends again. It was an old lady and she made me come inside. She was nice but she made me feel weird. She asked why I was all alone ( she kept saying how young I was). She asked if I knew she was THAT lady. The one all the parents told us was bad and not to go to her house. I got scared but she told me instead of candy she’d show me a trick and we’d both get a treat. She said I reminded her of her grandson but she kept saying how she wasn’t allowed to see him anymore. I wanted to leave but she had locked the door and I couldn’t reach it. She kept saying we’d play the same game like she played with her grandson. She told me to call her granny and started touching me. You know, down there. I had to do what she said because she said I’d get in trouble for coming to her house. And she kept saying my peepee wouldn’t get so hard if I didn’t like the secret games we were playing. I don’t wanna get in trouble for doing the stuff she made me do because my peepee did get really big and she made it put white stuff in her granny cunt and it did feel good. I don’t think she’s a nice granny but I have to go back or she’ll tell my parents and my teachers. I must be a bad boy because when I think about all the stuff she did I get scared but my peepee gets big again too.

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