Cum for mommy – Your Friends Are Gonna Be So Jealous

Sweetie, I have the camera running. I can’t wait for you to show this to your friends. They’re going to be sooo jealous. I know they wished they had a hot mom like me who sucked their cock. If fact I know they wished I would suck their cock. But that’s never happening. Mommy’s mouth is only for you baby boy. Mmm, I love feeling you deep in my throat. God it drives me crazy to suck my own son’s dick, to gag on it, frothy spit drooling down my chin. You’re the best son ever. Your friends wouldn’t last two minutes in my mouth before they came. But not my boy. You can hold out until I tell you I want you to cum, no matter how intensely I work your cock with my expert mouth. That’s why mommy is all yours, forever and ever. In fact I bet they cum in two minutes when they watch our little family movie we’re making today… Baby boy, you’ve been so good. Mommy’s been sucking you for quite a while now and you’ve proved your endurance yet again. Now mommy wants it. Mom wants your thick, creamy cum. Shoot it all over mommy’s lips and face. Oh god what a huge load you made for me, right on command. My boy’s delicious cum…mommy can never get enough. And isn’t it fun to know how jealous your friends are going to be?

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