Daisy Destin – Hot For Mom Syndrome

Daisy has to confront her young Son Jason about a very delicate matter. Lately, Daisy has noticed Jason masturbating to her!!! She knows that he is at an awkward age….with his hormones fuelling him…but, nonetheless….enough is enough….so she sits him down for a little talk. Daisy explains that, not only is his behaviour completely normal….it is actually a well know Syndrome. Daisy shows Jason the website….”Hot For Mom Syndrome”. Jason inquires about the cure for this Syndrome….and Mom explains that there is only one known cure….he must fuck the daylights out of her….to get it out of his system!! Jason is a little bit shy….and somewhat embarrassed….but Mom leads the way….and seduces her horny young Son!!! After some cock sucking…. Mom gets Jason to mount her….and encourages him to “get it all out”!! In true Motherly fashion….Daisy masturbates her Son to a climax….and calls him a “very good boy….cumming like that for Mommy”. Hopefully this steamy fuck will cure the

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