Dallas Diamondz – Mother Fucker

Poor Kyle is a sleepwalker and he’s about to have an adventure that he won’t remember and that’s probably a good thing for him because in his sleep Kyle FUCKED HIS MOTHER! That’s right, he actually fucked his mother! Kyle’s mom is getting ready for bed, when Kyle wanders into her room obviously asleep and naked!

Kyle’s mom is shocked and she is unsure what to do so she calls a friend desperate for help and advice. Her friend reminds her that it is dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker so Kyle’s mom is very careful to not wake Kyle up. As she is on the phone with her friend things take a turn for the worse as her naked son gets on the bed and begins to grope at his mother’s pussy and her tits “Oh NO! Stacy! He’s grabbing my pussy! I don’t know what to do. I think he’s trying to fuck me!” Kyle’s mom’s worst fears come true! Kyle mounts his mother and begins to fuck her. Kyle fucks his mom hard while on top of her and then still sound asleep flips his mother over and pounds her from behind. Kyle keeps fucking his mother until he has an orgasm then he rolls off his mom and sleepwalks back to his own room. Kyle’s mom is left confused, terrified and FUCKED!


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