Danielle Maye – Mommy knows breast

Whats wrong honey?, you cant nap?……..oh WOW i can see why!!!! Well that will be that “Vitamin” Tablet i gave you to make you BIG & Strong Well its worked hasn’t it, now i am going to show you what happens next & its my job as your mommy to help you. Lets start by letting mommy rub it better for you, how does that feel? Nice, oh good well mommy is very good at doing this. Ooooo a little bit of pre cum just came out the end, that will help mommy rub it harder and faster, maybe if i got these big breasts out too, do you remember these?? seems like only yesterday you were always on these!! you couldn’t leave them alone.Sshhh don’t make to much noise, daddy is downstairs watching the game, this need to be our secret. Let me turn around and slide on your rock hard winky just a little bit, just slow and softly. Oh wow iam so wet down there now, it slides straight in. i can feel it throbbing inside me. OH MY GOD, thats it mmmmmm all that thick creamy load.

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