Danielle Maye – Step mommies new play thing

You are my stepmother and you had my father wrapped around your finger. For months I have heard him screaming in pleasure and begging you to let him cum. Being young I don’t know what that means. Finally tonight I heard him beg as loud as I have ever heard him beg and he told you that his only son, Me, was yours to do with as you pleased. You then made him cum to his . You describe all this to me, telling me how you teased him until he begged you to own me as your little boy sex slave, where you can live out your own fantasies and fetishes on. You keep reminding me that he betrayed me because he couldn’t resist. Now you start to touch me. This is how you get off, touching the young sons of men who you seduced. You love getting them to betray their sons, and you love looking in the young boys eyes as you touch them, knowing that you are going to control and own them too. Finally you tell me that when I cum I am sealing my fate as your young boy slave, and you are going to do such evil things to me just like you did to my father. You laugh as I cum by your hand and relish that you have another father and son doomed to add to your collection.


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