Daytona Hale – Mommy Sons Special Alone Time

You come home from a long day out with your friends, i catch you as you walk past my office, i ask you about your day and tell you dinner is on the table.. I catch you as you walk back by after your done with dinner, i ask you to come in and sit down so i can talk to you about something.. Your dad has been so busy with work that hes not satisfying mommy the way he should be.. I ask if you wanna step in and take daddy’s place tonight. You then walk over to me and i unzip your pants, your cock is already so hard! I warn you that your dad is sl eeping so we have to be quiet.. I then suck your cock and tease you for a bit.. I play with my tits as you stroke your cock.. seeing that makes me so wet! I play with my pussy for a bit just so you can hear how wet i really am,, i taste myself, then i give you a little tease.. after that i end you off with a nice quick tit fuck! It doesn’t take long, i knew it wouldn’t..

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