Deanna – Mom forces her son to make trigasm

Mom is furious with her son. And spankings don’t seem to work. So mom tries a new form of punishment! Mom forces her son to make 3 forced ejaculations!

When Deanna’s Son Dante disappoints her by not mowing the lawn. Mom decides that the Spankings she has been giving him recently, don’t seem to be working. So she comes up with a “unique” Punishment, that is sure to resonate with the young boy! Mom decides to hurt him where it counts in his cock! Mom tells Dante that she is going to give him “multiple” ejaculations! Dante tells his angry Mother that he can only cum one time, but Mom assures him that she knows how to make boys cum over and over and over again! Mom starts to suck cock and does she ever know how to suck cock! Poor Dante cums in his Mom’s mouth, and figures the ordeal is over, but Mom starts sucking again and true to her word forces him to cum a second time! Dante is crying saying that his balls ache but Mom continues! Mom jerks his cock and while he screams in agony she forces a third ejaculation with her hand! The glass table in the Living room is covered in cum. Dante’s balls are in excruciating pain and Mom hopes this painful punishment has taught her Son a lesson he won’t soon forget!


Deanna – Forced trigasm.wmv
Deanna – Forced trigasm.wmv