Deanna – Mommie waits up

When dante breaks curfew and comes home in the middle of the night. Mommie is waiting up for him! Mom spanks him. Mom sits on his face. Then mom forces him to mount her, and hump her until he cums then He is allowed to go to bed.

It’s well past Dante’s curfew, and Mom is not happy. Like most Moms, however she won’t go to bed until he returns home so she Waits Up for him. When he finally staggers home at 1:30 AM. Deanna confronts him, and tells him that he must be punished. Deanna’s method of punishing includes Spanking him HARD and Sitting on his face! Dante is humiliated and embarrassed as Mom spanks and face-sits him. He is unable to breathe under the full weight of Mom’s ass on his face. Deanna decides that this punishment must go even further since this is not the first time he has come home late so she makes her tardy Son have sex with her as a final humiliation! Dante is completely horrified as he is forced to mount and hump his angry Mother! He must keep humping until he climaxes. That’s what Mom tells him. Dante reluctantly pumps his Mom until finally mercifully he is able to ejaculate on Mom’s Tits, and is able to go to bed. Deanna’s style of discipline may just work. Dante seemed truly horrified by the experience!


Deanna – Mommie waits up.wmv
Deanna – Mommie waits up.wmv