Deanna – Mother cums first

Dante is not allowed to go out on his big date. Until he satisfies his mother first! Ever since dad left. It’s dante’s responsibilty to provide sexual gratification to mom! He must lick mom’s cunt and fuck her hard, before he is allowed to go on his date!

Dante is all set to go out on a big Date when Mom calls him into her room. Most Moms would just give their Son a kiss and wish him well on his Date. Dante’s Mom is NOT like most Moms! Deanna insists that before he goes out on his Date, that he fulfill ALL of his chores one of which is having sex with his Mother! Ever since Dad left Mom has insisted that Dante step up and satisfy her physical desires. Dante asks if he can please skip this chore for one night as he anticipates having sex with his Date, but Mom reminds him that Mother Cums First! Reluctantly, Dante starts to satisfy his Mother’s twisted, perverted wishes. He licks his Mother’s big Tits then licks her Cunt then gives her a hard Pounding until he fills his Mother with hot cum. He is now free to go on his Date.


Deanna – Mother cums first.wmv
Deanna – Mother cums first.wmv