Dillion Carter and Cory Chase – My family doctor

You and your mom go to your aunt Betty’s office. Aunt Betty is your doctor but your unsure about asking her your personal questions. When she comes in you explain to her that you have a pain in your groin area even though you’ve never masturbated.

“We’re going to have to strip you naked” she tells you to examine you. “You can trust me” she says taking off your pants. She examines your cock and balls with her hands. You don’t mean too, but your cock gets hard as she touches you. “I’m going to have to jerk it for a little bit, just to get a sample” she tells you. Your eyes go wide as your aunt jerks you in front of your mother. “Just trust me” she tells you again. Taking out lube you sit down as your doctor jerks your cock with a loving hand.


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