E3Kylee – Mommy’s Love Part Three: Confessions

You’re just as horny for Mom but Mommy has gotten naughtier you’ve noticed. Sitting on her bed, you watch her enter the room after her shower. Wearing lingerie, stockings, garter, and high heels, she walks in without noticing you. She applies lotion to her body and is shocked once she catches your eye. You can go ahead and hang out in Mommy’s room, just play video games. And no peaking while she gets undressed! You peak out of the corner of your eye to see her side boob as she goes topless. She asks you how school was and begins telling you about her day as a teacher. There is a boy in class Mommy has her eye on! She acts like a giggly schoolgirl as she asks you inappropriate questions like what kind of porn do you watch and how big is your cock? You can’t help but grow hard as Mommy crosses the line. She is hinting that she wants to fuck YOU! The boy at school who she has her eye on is just like you in every way. Maybe Mommy will finally do to you what she does to the other boys in school. The thought scares you and makes your cock bulge and ache. She confesses that she has sucked this boy off and gave him a handjob. She describes how he drank from her tits and called her Mommy. This only makes you sweat and grow harder. Mommy then pulls out her vibrator and shows you how to make her cum. With a huge orgasm, she shutters and moans. She gets out a black dildo and fucks her tight creamy little cunt until you can’t take it anymore. Messy and exhausted, Mommy blows you a kiss and tells you to go run and play. But you better keep your little secret, OR ELSE! Mommy threatens you with something scary, and leaves you, teased and denied with her sweet, mischievous smile.

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