Emmas Secret Life – Shower Time With Mommy

The video starts off with you in your robe going into the bathroom. The camera follows to the doorway of the bathroom and you turn around and see your son standing there. You say sweetie mommies about to take a shower. The son responds saying he knows and he wanted to watch you shower and ask you if it’s alright. You feign surprise at this but only tell him okay as long as he is a good boy and does whatever you tell him. He agrees. You tell him that he needs to take off his clothes first and he does. You take off your robe and turn on the shower. After getting in the shower you start massaging your breasts and playing with your nipples. You ask your son if this is what he wanted to see his mommy rubbing her tits. You then start rubbing your clit and ask him if instead it was this his mommy playing with her pussy as you then start fingering yourself standing up for a short time. you turn off the water and sit down in the shower spreading your legs. you briefly go back to rubbing your clit before spreading your pussy lips and telling your son how tight your pussy is. Now you really start fingering yourself for a while. while you are fingering yourself you tell your son to stroke his cock/dick whichever you prefer along with things about how it feels and how much mommy loves to play with herself along with how wet you are getting. you then tell your son to lay down on the towel in the middle of the bathroom. The camera moves back a litt;e bit and lowers to the ground just above the torso toy . you get out of the shower and dry off before smiling at the camera. You get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to the torso toy and start giving it a blowjob. After that you get on top and start riding it facing the camera. You start off riding straight up and down you moan in pleasure and mention he may be as big as his daddy maybe even bigger. you then lean forward a bit so we see your breasts bouncing/swinging towards the camera. after a couple minutes of that you lean back while riding. you eventually turn around so your riding it with your back to the camera. you lean forward away from the camera. the camera angles should alternate between a straight on angle and a slightly side view to simulate your son turning his head and neck to see your tits bouncing/swaying as you ride him giving a side boob and under boob sort of view if that makes sense. finally you tell him to fuck you in missionary. Now you are laying on the towel. the camera focuses on your pussy as your son slowly penetrates you he starts out slow at first but starts to pick up speed. the camera angles here would alternate between your pussy, your tits and face and third a view of all three. You end the scene telling your son to fill mommies pussy with his warm cum. He obeys and creampies you. Trough out the video say things like how much fucking your son excites you and makes you wet. How good his cock/dick feels in your pussy and asking him if he loves the feel of mommies tight/ wet pussy wrapped around cock/dick and any other thing of that nature along with some moans of pleasure of course.

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