Fifi Foxx – Pills turn mommy into sex crazed fiend for son

XXX Multimedia – Pills turn mommy into sex crazed fiend for son
A geeky, conservative mom comes back from a friend’s house, opens her bag, and looks at the foreign pill bottle that her friend has given her. She reads, from the description on the bottle, that they are pills to make you young and vibrant.

Mommy immediately becomes skeptical, especially since her friend always calls her old and cranky, but continues to read out of curiosity. The bottle says to only take half a dosage, which is half a pill, in order to feel young and vibrant, and to increase your libido. It does warn, however, not to take more than half a dosage because you will experience exaggerated effects. Mommy doubts that the pills will even work, so she decides to go ahead and just take a whole pill–completely ignoring the warnings.


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