Gala MV – Mommy and Son

I’m so sorry my boy for coming into your room like a crazy lady… i know i know im invading your space but GUESS WHAT! Mommy is finally going on a date!! Im hesitating if i should wear this dress.. cum on ba by boy help me decide if this little black dress looks good on me. I take off the towel and you see me, your mom, in a thong and topless from behind. Its not weird.. cum on dont act like youve never seen a woman half naked before. You think I dont know about your search history and all those mommy pornos you watch? I try the dress on and model it for you Then you help mommy get ready. You smell mommys hair, mommys perfume, mommys neck and chest.. does mommy smell good, my b by boy? Ughhhh ba b y boy ill miss you tonight. I left you some dinner prepared ba b y boy, i know youre a big man but you’ll always be mommys boy and ill always feed you well. Kiss me before I go. Oooh I think i felt your BIG hardon… you see mommy in a thong an dress and you get hard! Wow i cant leave you with a big boner. I call my date and cancel on him because something BIG came up and i gotta take care of it if you know what i mean…. (Story + body tease + mommy being hot is about 11 min) I then tease you wiht my feet and heels i can see that COCK LEAKING PRECUM for mommy!! you’re staining your pants and undies… let me put my mommy soft lips on your BIG cock . Let me milk you, you handsome stud (BJ is about 6:30min) Then I want you to fuck my mommy pussy real good (fucking starts after BJ, positions shown in preview, i wish the part of front dildo riding was longer and better, but my dildo kept betraying me lol, however i loved squatting on the dildo and wish to do it more in the future). I even include a little quick foot tease on your big fat juicy cock, quick tease with my hair on your cock, quick panty play on your cock. Fuck this pussy that made you, fuck me RAW, fuck condoms fuck MOMMY RAW, you came out of my womb through my pussy now get in it with your cock. WOW my pussy is so TIGHT and LITTLE how did a BIG HANDSOME STUD like you come out of it? Now cum inside me impregnate me give me your fertile cum my son GET ME PREGNANT fill me up.

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