Gala MV – Your Video Vixen Mother

Dancing, Taboo, Creampie, Mommy Roleplay

You are working on a new music video, and I would love to be your co-star! Honey, I know I’m your mom but I could audition for the role. All the girls in your music videos do is shake their ass and be eye-candy, I could totally do that. I start dancing, but I’m clumsy and you are getting bored. BUT… I’m wearing no panties and I forgot, but you don’t mind: after all, I’m just auditioning for the role and I won’t be your mom in the video. Since we’re just acting, you tell me to play with my pussy and shake my ass. I guess this will be your best vid yet. You get your cock inside my by surprise (doggystyle as shown in preview)… what are you doing! Oh… well you’re right we’re just pretending. Besides, it feels so good when you fuck me son…. cum inside your mother. So, did your mother get the part? What? No??? You won’t get away with this!

Duration: 0:13:55 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.46 GB

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