Gia Love – Mom Gives Titjob Present

“Happy Birthday to you,” Mom sings as she enters her son’s bedroom. Instead of having her normal cotton robe on, she surprises Aiden by wearing a revealing white lingerie set, and holds a red birthday bag in her hands. A big smile runs across Aiden’s face when he hears Mom singing, and he opens his eyes to see what she has planned. “I was too excited, and I wanted to get you your present right away,” Mom tells him. “You’re growing up so fast, and I didn’t want to get you just another toy, so…” she says, then hands him the red bag. “Lube?” he says surprised, his face turning red, and then laughs. “I have a little task for you using that,” Mom begins to explain. “Because you’re getting older, and I see that you’re interested in girls and, well…tits, I thought I would give you a really special birthday present this year.” She continues to tell her son that, as his present, he gets to not only rub the lube onto her big chest, but he also gets to fuck them as well. “This’ll be a birthday you’ll never forget,” Mom smiles. Aiden proceeds to squirt some lube into his hand, and then takes his time caressing, groping, and fondling his mom’s big, delicious, perky tits. Once Mom notices his throbbing hard erection, she pulls it out from his pants, and wraps her tits around it. She moves her tits up and down against his cock, and once he’s comfortable and ready, lets her son fuck her tits until he releases a massive load all over them.

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