Goddess Brandon – Momma Will Teach you All about Sex

Sitting on the couch, tight jeans, pink and white ankle socks, a tight fitting T-Shirt, and Naughty but Nice eye-glasses…Your momma is soooo Beautiful and hot…You really are turned on by her…but she just loves her perfectly little angel…when you come home from playing one afternoon you have some questions…and you want answers…Momma is SURPRISED her little Prince is already curious about sex…

she isn’t thrilled to discuss it so soon but gives into your sweet charm. She tells you a silly story about a water hose and a garden and a baby flower…you aren’t buying it…So momma decides you must be ready to hear the truth. Momma tells you all about the penis and the vagina…she shows you wear the baby comes from you are so turned on by her hot body. you want to touch her pussy and she lets you get a little touch even though she continues to say how wrong it is and how much trouble she would be in…She encourages you to cum but being your first time you struggle…she tells you hurry hurry young man Father will be home anytime!!! She begins to grab and jerk you off but still nothing…Finally you ask her to suck, she doesnt want to but lets you put it into her mouth…She tells you to tell her when your about to cum…but like the naughty little boy you are you Cum all over her pretty face!!! She isnt happy and sends you off to clean your room and change…as she wipes her mess away she blows you kiss and tells how she still loves you so….Momma little Boy.


Download file – 166.7 MB
Download file – 166.7 MB

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