Goddess Brandon – Your First Love pt3 – Day At The Pool With Mom

It’s going to be a fantastic day at the pool with Mom, you are to anxious to wait any longer and make your way into her master bedroom and see her changing in her bathroom. You creep closer and watch as she bends over the sink, washes her hands and adjust her suit. She turns to find you and ask you just as before what you are doing here!? Watching her? She asks if you like her new suit? She is worried it is to revealing for the country club pool? She bends over and shows you the top and the bottom. Are my tits out to much, can you see my whole ass? She notices immediately that you are really hard, oh no, we can’t she proclaims but her face says otherwise as she bites her lip and gazes at your hard cock, you pull down your swim trunks and she pulls her bathing suit to the side to your shock and excitement, show lowers her MILF body onto your cock and begins to ride. Screaming in delight as she demands with lust you cum inside Mommy! She rides you harder and faster until she gets her fill…and then yours. She collects herself and quickly tries to leave but Horny Mum is never satisfied and begs you to fill her holes just one more time.

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