Goddess Kawaii – Brother Fucker

I’m a kind nurturing sister and my poor brother is a loser virgin. He knows nothing about sex because all he does is sit around and jerk off all the time. Well, I’m going to change that. I know how to fuck really well, and there is no better person that myself to teach him the ropes. Now, come closer and I’ll show you what a hand job feels like..I stroke him and get his dick nice and hard ..once his dick is hard it’s time for me to show him what a nice blowjob feels like…That is putting him on the edge. I’m not through yet. It’s time for him to fuck me really good from behind..doggy style. I fuck him so much that I make him cum over and over giving me multiple creampies. This will be the best lesson he’s ever had. now he can know what to expect when he has sex wit other girls..however, nothing will compare to me..his sexy hot sister. It’s so wrong, but I don’t care. I care about my brother and want to make him cum for the first time.

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