Goldie Blair – Sexy Teacher POV

Sexy teacher Goldie is house sitting/babysitting a friend’s 19 year old POV son he is shy and geeky and doesn’t really need looking after but Goldie decides to try and cock tease him out of his shell…as he is doing his home work Goldie comes up to him in her tiny red bikini and starts oiling herself up slow and sexy..noticing he is getting flushed at seeing her this way she teasing him even more saying her AC doesn’t work too well that’s why it’s getting hot in here..she then takes a long drink of ice water pulling ice out to rub on her hot body…The POV student gets so hot and flustered she tells him maybe he should go lay down and maybe get some relief and maybe change his pants as he has a wet patch…


Download file – 233.2 MB
Download file – 233.2 MB