Harley Sin – In Bed With Mommy

You want to be in bed with mommy again. That’s ok. She doesn’t mind being close to you. She remembers when you were little, and wanted to snuggle up with in her breast. You admit you’d be comforted by that. She loves taking care of you. Of course you can do that again. Your mommy lets you lay in her breasts again. She tells you stories about when you were a boy. You are aroused by your own mother’s body. That’s alright, when you tell mommy you want to see her down there, she understands. She takes off her panties for you. You just want to feel close to her again. Skin on skin. You tell mommy you want to touch her down there. She feels so good. Mommy tells you she doesn’t mind being touched by you in her private areas. You want to feel all of mommy now. She tells you to put in just inside her. Just a little bit, so she can feel you. You feel so good to mommy, she wants you deep inside. You put it all the way in. Your mommy tells you she wants you to make love to her, and put a baby in her belly. Maybe she’ll make a baby with you, her own son.

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