Harley Sin – Inbreeding Mother

You and your mother have always shared a bed. And you’ve ALWAYS been curious. You start by slowly touching her, she gently moves your hand away. What starts as gentle loving eventually wakes her up, she thinks you must be dreaming and tried to wake up. But when your groping persists, she gets angry at you. Your mother tries to get away from you since you’re not listening but you hold her arm. She finally stops resisting you, and is now pleading. She finally understands what you want. You want to impregnate her. She tries reasoning with you, how this will ruin both your lives, how things wont come out right. How many things WILL go wrong, how this is a terrible mistake that you CANT take back. But you don’t care. Anything to continue the family at all costs. You don’t think she fully understands the depth of your desires. But don’t worry, she will soon enough.

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