Harley Sin – Ultimate Mommy Impregnation

Your mom was so happy to be pregnant with you. To have you growing inside her. She needs you to know how much you were loved, how proud she was of you. She talks about how it felt being pregnant with you, how her belly grew and grew. How her breasts grew too, trying to make milk for you. Your mother slowly takes her clothes off. Touches herself. She used to be an exotic dancer, she kept working right until her belly was huge and hung so low. Her water broke on stage, but she kept dancing. Labor felt… good. Right. She danced right until she felt the overwhelming need to push. And she did. Many times while everyone watched. But you wouldn’t come out. So she tucked herself in a private room with a few people who wanted to watch. So she pushed, and pushed. The pressure, the stretching. Her vagina was huge. You finally came out. You were so handsome, hanging between her legs. Everyone there thought you were beautiful. And your mom couldn’t be more proud. She wants that feeling again, the feeling of you between her lips.

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