Heather Sin – Mom Deals With My Bully

So I’ve been picking on Jason for years but since its are last year in school Jason has been extra annoying so ive been giving him more . when i got home my mom told me that Jason’s mom Mrs Taylor wanted to talk to me, so i went over to their house. when i got there Mrs Taylor was very nice and told me that she wanted me to stop picking Jason. she said Jason was having trouble focusing in school and need to study hard to get into a good collage. i told her that was asking a lot because her was such a jerk, i asked what she would give me to stop. she said she was pay me and make payments to me every week until school was done. she said her husband and Jason couldn’t know! i told her to let me think on it, after school i gave her my answer. i said yes and she told me her purse was in the bed room and i followed her in. when we got in there she kept looking for her purse, i told her i didn’t want money, she asked what i did want and i put my hand on her breast. she was shocked and pushed my hand off, i told her that i always had a crush on her and this was the payment i wanted every week. she asked what if she said no,i told her then i would make Jason’s life a living hell. so for the love she has for her she agreed, so for us to start out i wanted us to take it slow. i got naked on her bed that she shares with her husband and she brought me some lube. i told her to strip and show me that sexy body while i jerked off. she did a great job teasing me and when i came she cleaned me all up. i told her i see her next week for her appointment!

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