Helena Price – Giving Friends Mom A Massage

I just graduated from school and im getting my massage business set up. i got a call from my best friends mom Mrs Price, we made small talk for a little bit and then she told me that she had heard about my massage business. she said she hurt her hip and wondered if i could get her in for an appointment, i said i could do it today and she came right over. when she got there we chatted for a minute and they i told her she could take a quick steam shower to relax before we got started. she said sure and walked towards the bathroom door, when she went in she forgot to close the door all the way and couldn’t help but take a peak. DAMN i always thought Mrs Price was hot but watching her strip down was like a dream come true. when she was done with the shower she came out in a towel and laid down on the table, when we started the massage i pulled the towel down to just cover her ass. i massaged her back and then moved to her legs and kept peaking up under the towel, then i massaged her ass cheeks while trying not to poke her with the huge boner in my pants. i was working my hands right up between her thighs and just grazing her pussy, after lingering longer then i should have i told her we were finished. she said the massage was awesome and wanted to book for next week! i cant wait to get Mrs Price naked and oiled up on my table again!

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