Holly Kiss – Stepmom helps son prepare for college

Holly Kiss is your posh, upper-class MILF of a stepmom. You are packing, about to leave for college, and your mom wants to make sure that you are fully prepared. What better way than to introduce you to oral sex? Your stepmom, Holly Kiss, knows exactly what awaits you at college: a seemingly endless pool of sexually liberated girls, eager to help you lose your virginity. She knows how you have dedicated yourself to your studies at the expense of socialising with girls. She knows that you just simply would not have a clue what to do the first time a girl approached you for sex. Holly is so thoughtful, so kind, she knows she can give her son the best leaving gift any mother could give their beloved. She is going to give you your first blow job. Naturally, you are worried about what your dad might think, but you trust your mother implicitly, you are such a mommas boy, you would do anything she asked of you. You are so grateful that your mom is willing to help you this way. Holly really is the best stepmom a son could have.

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