Hot Juls Fetishes – Cabin Getaway With Hot Greedy Mommy

What mommy wants, mommy ALWAYS gets. I drive you to our holiday cabin and tell you that everyone is already there. When we get there after a snowy drive, you get nervous because no one is there: just you and me. I am acting all relaxed but demanding as always. I tell you that I lied to you and drove you to the cabin because I wanted to continue what we have already done before. You are not very enthusiastic about this sudden trip however seeing your hot mommy looking all hot is a plus. I tell you to sit still and not to move…there’s nowhere to go. Be a good boy and listen to me for your own good. I am going to change my clothes in a minute… I come back a few minutes later wearing long sexy black nightgown, tiny panties, red heels. I start to tease you, showing you my long legs, my ass, slowly pulling my panties down; tell you how horny I’ve been and I need your young hard cock. You are not sure about fucking your mommy but I am insisting so much, there’s no backing out of this.I take you by the hand and walk you to the couch. Push you down and tell you to take off your pants. I lift up my nightie and lean over you, I whisper how I’ve been wanting this for so long …. I hold you down and I slide my pussy on your cock (POV SEX) and start riding you, moaning so loud, faster and faster. You can’t stop looking at my big bouncy tits, hot orgasmic face expressions….I cum hard on your cock, stand up, adjust myself and tell you “That wasn’t too hard, was it?!”

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