HotWifeRio – Taboo mommy talk part 11

Today I was sitting in the living room painting my nails to get ready to meet one of my clients. He called to tell me he would be getting off work a little later than he thought so I was some time. I realized that I had picked up the wrong polish so I asked Billy if he’d bring me the other one on my bathroom counter. Billy asked me what I was doing and why I was wearing. I had on a sexy red corset with black & red cuban heel stockings under my robe. I told him I was going to be escorting tonight for a nice black man with a big cock. “I then asked him if that turned him on knowing his mommy was going to be getting fucked tonight- he said yes”.

I could tell by his face that he was getting aroused. “I then asked him if he’d like to watch mommy get fucked by a big black dick and he said yes mommy.” So I took off my robe and showed him my sexy outfit. I slowly undressed so he could see me in it and then out of it. I then got out my big black toy and began slowly teasing my pussy with it. I dripped some lube on my pussy and then began rubbing the big black head on my pussy. I slowly pushed only the head inside my pussy. I kept teasing it and going in a little and then pulling it back out. As I continued doing this I stretched my pussy out a little at a time, showing my small pink hole and putting the big cock inside me until it was deep inside. I continued to fuck my pussy very slowly and pushing it in and then out. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter until I came on that black cock. I could see Billy’s dick was dripping with clear cum. He wanted me to stroke it so I took his dick in my hand and slowly stroked him for a long time. I teased him with my naughty words about how much I loved playing with my sons dick and how I wanted all his cum in my mouth. This really turned him on; but I wanted to build up a big load so I would hold back before he came too soon. After a little longer I then asked him to give mommy his big creamy load and that I wanted it in my mouth and all over my face. He then let it go and shot out a huge load on my face and it ran down my chin and also got on my tits. There was so much cum!! I love it when my son comes for me!


Download file – 383.7 MB
Download file – 383.7 MB