idratherbenaughty – Fucked by my best friends son

I am best friends with your mother to this day because you and my son have been best friends since jr high. both you boys know how wild we are together but we are great together. tonite we are going to a swingers club in the valley, we have been planning it for weeks even buying matching outfits forthe club. I come in and sit down. Im kinda surprised when you come out. you tell me your mother isnt here. I think your kidding because theres no way in hell she would stand me up. you tell me someone very important from her past came by and she asked you to tell me shes sorry but will call me tomorrow. im so bummed but understand. you ask to see the sexy outfit I was going to wear out to the club . I tell you no and you tell me you have been stroking your cock for years thinking about my fat titties. could you please see them? i tell you I think its wrong but bring them out anyway. i was fine til you brought out your young hard cock. what am I going ton do? we are all like family and all I can do is think about tasting you and fucking you. after you make me cum so hard on your throbbing cock youu confess to me that your mother wasnt out with a friend. what? you tell me that you told your mom I called and said something important came up and we would have to do another time and then you had your sister take her to the movies. you tell me you wanted to fuck my mommy pussy hole for so long and then you creampied me so good

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