ImMeganLive – No Nut November – Mom Ruins It Again

I come into his room and try to seduce him into sex because I feel horny. But he says that he makes no cum challenge for 30 days and left 5 days to finish it. So I decide to trick him a little. I leave … And come back in hot lingerie. I show him my body and make him hard soon. Then I tell him that I just want to play with him a little and start with a blowjob. I make him close to cum a few times but always stop. I denial his orgasms to make him more horny. Then I tease him with my pussy, play with his tip, Then I start riding him. During riding I play with his orgasm and stop when he is close. Then I tell him to fuck me in missionary position and promise him that he doesn’t need to cum. He made me cum a couple of times! But when he fucks me and is close to cum again, I wrap my legs around him and don’t let him pull out, and drain him inside. I hold him in to get every drop. (Creampie – Cum dripping out). Then I suck his sensitive cock for post cum torment. I tell him to not make that stupid challenges and, AGAIN, Mommy will always get what I want.

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