Ivy Secret – Mom And Son Become Lovers POV

“Hey honey,” Mom’s gentle voice said, “I was thinking we could talk.” Her fingers ran through her long, red hair as she sat down on the bed beside you. “I…don’t know how to approach this subject…” she said nervously, her eyes awkwardly shifting away from yours, “I’ve been having these feelings that I’m unsure of.” “And I don’t really know how to describe them, or what to do about them, but I think I just need to figure it out,” Mom struggled to say. She continued to tell you how much she loved you, and how wonderful, kind, and sweet she thought you were. “I think about you first thing in the morning when I wake up…and all day, and I think about you at night before I go to bed,” she confessed. “And I don’t think anyone’s going to hold a place in my heart the way that you do. I just get so happy when I’m around you – it’s almost like my heart skips a beat.” Mom blushed as she admitted that her feelings for you were somehow different – something more than the typical mom/son relationship. “Maybe…I might actually be in love with you. I know it’s kind of strange, and I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but I do…and I don’t think those feelings are going anywhere,” she said sweetly. “So, I kind of want to see if we can explore this and see if it’s real, or what it is…and how it goes,” she said shyly. “I was hoping that maybe I could give you a kiss…a real kiss on the lips and we could see if there was any spark or connection there.” Mom knew it was weird for you, but she reassured you that everything would be okay. She leaned to give you a soft, passionate kiss, then pulled back with an enormous smile. “Did you feel that?” Mom asked happily. “You’re not sure? I mean, I definitely felt that…maybe we should try it one more time.” She leaned in again, and this time, even you felt the spark between the two of you. The both of you would continue to take your time as you explored one another’s body. Mom would ask you to feel her big, soft, beautiful breasts, then would gently and slowly slide her hand up your leg to your hard cock. This, in turn, would lead into passionate love making, developing a brand new mom/son relationship – one where Mom was your lover.

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