Jackie Synn – Naked twister mom

Custom video: “You say hello to the viewers. But, damn, you’re shocked by the headlines that you’ve seen lately. Female high school teacher busted for having sex with a student. Etc. Well, this story beats it all! You’re reading from your laptop. You read the story of the naked twister mom, from start to finish. Your character is shocked… genuinely shocked… at the story. You’ll eventually get turned on, but that comes later. You read the story. You pause now and then. Your eyes go wide. Your jaw drops. You make comments such as, “Oh my god!” and “no way!” etc, etc. I’ll send you a separate email of the news story. I took two articles and spliced them together. After reading the story, you add some commentaries. Trying to be understanding, you admit that teenage boys are horny devils. Sigh. Mom should not have held the party to begin with. You look at the mom’s photos. “Damn, she’s attractive. What, she can’t get a date?!” More commentary such as, “You younger guys are probably wondering `How do I meet a cool mom like that?!’ And you older guys are wondering, `Damn, where were those cool mom’s when I was growing up??'” You skim through some more articles. “Oh my goodness! Her daughter is defending her.” You look at her daughter’s photo. Making a face, “Wow. Cute.” Eyeing the viewer, “Yeah, yeah, your mind went somewhere. I know it.” You look at her photo and make comments, “That mom is so pretty. Damn” as your hand wanders, opening your robe. You look toward the camera, “Damn, those young guys probably couldn’t help themselves. Seeing her naked. Damn.” You ditch your robe and whip out your toy dildo. “I totally get it. If you were at that party… Boom! Hard as a rock!” At this point, you give in to your urges. You re-tell some details of the story. “Sex in the bathroom. Such a pretty mom. I wonder if she sucked some mean dick!” as you suck the dildo. “Oh god!” You speculate, “Imagine if you knew her. Your friend’s daughter. And you got to see her naked!” “Imagine that guy fucking her in the bathroom. She looks slender. Maybe she has a gorgeous ass!” She masturbated on the couch! The party continued in the hot tub! “Ohhh. Hot tub. She’s naked. Water dripping from her tits.” At this point, your using your dildo on yourself. “I’ll bet every boy there wanted to fuck her!” (whimpering). She woke up in the middle of the night with another dick in her! “I wonder if she liked it!” And her daughter… “AHHH! My mind just went somewhere!!! AHHH!” Whimpering and moaning, “It’s so unfair! You know you wanna fuck that mom so bad!!!” The End.”

File Size : 320.6 MB, Resolution : 720×480, Duration : 00:15:00